Transfer price

Locating the network of related parties, exploring transactions between related companies. Based on the information received, we suggest whether it is necessary to prepare a transfer price documentation. We also provide support for the obligation to report the related business relationship to the tax authority.

Based on the characteristics of the related transactions and the division of functions within the group, we help to decide which transfer pricing method is the most appropriate for determining the arm’s length price. In each case, we develop a unique transfer price structure proposal for our clients, suitable for the given group of companies.

We prepare the complete transfer pricing documentation of our clients, including the Master File and the Local File, in the form that is required by law – continuously following the guidelines of OECD. We also prepare the benchmark studies needed to determine the arm’s length price.

Transfer pricing process

In our transfer pricing advisory service, we place great emphasis on meeting the expectations of the tax authorities and enforcing the interests of our partners.

During our transfer pricing processes, we strive to use our customers’ resources as little as possible. The necessary consultations are carried out in the manner preferred by our partners, in person and / or online. We receive the data needed to compile the records in a digitized state, which makes the transfer pricing process smoother.

We ensure continuous contact and consultation with the parties involved in the documentation throughout the process.

transfer pricing process

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